Item type: Weapon (Pistol)
Base damage: 34%
Range: 100 meters
RPM: 200 rpm
Reload time: 1.6 seconds
Capacity: 7 round(s)
Firemode(s): Safety, Semi
Accepted attachment(s): Barrel, Sight
Default attachment(s): None
Chambered in: Swift Magazine
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
Weight: 1kg/2.2lbs
Additional notes: Has a permanent default sight.

The Colt is a common semi-automatic pistol found at civilian locations and military locations. It uses swift magazines, which hold 7 rounds and can be refilled by crafting a swift magazine with civilian bullets.

How to obtainEdit

The Colt is found in almost all locations. They are more commonly found in civilian locations such as towns, but you can find them in military locations such as O'Leary Military Base.


Weapon analysisEdit


  • The Colt is very common and can be found almost anywhere.
  • Because of its ubiquity, it is useful for beginners or fresh spawns.
  • It uses common civilian ammo boxes, which one box is required to refill its magazine.
  • It is light weight.
  • Its effective range is tied with the Berette for the longest of any pistol.


  • As with all pistols, the Colt has a sluggish fire rate.
  • It deals very low damage-per-shot.
  • Its magazine only holds 7 bullets, making it a very inefficient use of civilian bullets.
  • Like all pistols, it does not allow tactical attachments.


  • The Colt's name is most likely referring to the Colt's Manufacturing Company
  • It seems to be an early version of the popular M1911, which was designed by John Browning but manufactured by Colt Firearms.
  • The Colt was previously named 'Browning' before the bandwidth was restored, along with three other guns.
  • The Colt is the most common firearm in the game.
  • The in-game Berette inflicts more damage per shot than the Colt, but the real-life Colt uses .45 ACP ammunition, which is far more powerful than the 9mm rounds the Berette's real-life counterpart uses.


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