Swift Magazine
Item type: Ammunition (magazine)
Capacity: 7 round(s)
Used in: Colt and Desert Falcon
Refilled with: 1 Civilian Bullets
Equipable? No
Stackable? Yes
Weight: 0.3kg/0.66lbs
Inventory description: 7 round military grade magazine.

The Swift Magazine is a very common magazine found in civilian locations and military locations. It is used by the Colt and the Desert Falcon pistols, and can hold 7 rounds. It uses Civilian Bullets as ammunition.

In order to refill a Swift Magazine, 1 box of Civilian Bullets is required.



  • Swift Magazines are very common, being found in both civilian locations and military locations.
  • Refilled using only 1 box of civilian bullets.
  • It is lightweight for a magazine.
  • It is used by two pistols, one effectively an upgrade of the other.


  • It has a low ammo count, holding 7 bullets per magazine.
  • It is the third most inefficient civilian ammunition to refill, beaten only by the Bonjour Clip, and Winchestre Clip.


  • The Swift Magazine is likely based on .45 ACP magazines for the M1911.
  • Despite being classified as military ammunition, it is reloaded with one box of civilian bullets.
  • It is found in civilian, and sometimes military locations. It is used in both a weak and strong firearm, the Colt and Desert Falcon respectively. 
  • As with all magazines, combining two of them together will get you the sum of both magazines filled into one, while still retaining the other. (Assuming there would be rounds left over in the second magazine.)
  • An empty magazine has the same texture as a full magazine on the ground.
  • It somehow has the capability to chamber rounds into the Colt and Desert Falcon, despite the two being incapable of sharing calibers in real life.